sweet studios in south portland, maine. it's where all the magic happens.

book the studio for projects such as:

  • tracking
  • remixing and mixdowns
  • quality reviews
  • graphic arts

we have solid gear and a great work space. the equipment list includes:

  • reaper v4.x multitrack recording software
  • line6 toneport ux2 audio interface
  • zoom r16 portable recorder
  • behringer ms40 nearfield monitors
  • behringer bcf2000 control surface
  • behringer, mxl and shure microphones
  • krk, audio technica and numark headphones
  • yamaha dtxplorer electronic drum kit
  • yamaha mm6 synthesizer
  • zoom rt-223 drum machine
  • hartke guitar and bass amp
  • ibanez and daiyon electic and acoustic guitars

everybody loves pics of the studio.

lots of fun to be had here!